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Top 9 Dessert Spots In Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Thankfully, for sweet-toothed travellers and locals, there are many spots in Amsterdam that prepare, bake and serve delicious desserts. These bakeries, cafes and pastry shops collectively offer an expansive assortment of tasty treats including many desserts that are difficult to find beyond the Netherlands, including stroopwafels


This super central confectionary store has baked batch after batch of cookies, cakes and pies for over 45 years and ranks among the longest-running establishments of its kind in Amsterdam. Though Lanskroon has added new recipes to its repertoire over the years, it still makes many delicious traditional Dutch delicacies and is renowned for its king-sized stroopwafels (a flat, chewy waffle that’s filled with gooey syrup). There are many other delicious treats available at this bakery, which can be purchased for take-out or enjoyed inside Lankroon’s charming tearoom.

De Taart van m’n Tante

This quirky bakery in de Pijp makes a variety of kitsch and colourful cakes and lets clients order custom-made desserts with special decorations like marzipan cartoon characters or tulip-shaped icing. De Taart van m’n Tante serves its main assortment by the slice inside its onsite cafe, which is equipped with funky, hot pink chairs and other flashy furniture. While there’s plenty of space inside this cosy cafe, it is also possible to sit outside on de their charming terrace during sunny spells.

Although it might seem hyperbolic, it is quite possible that the people at Winkel 43 have perfected traditional Dutch apple pie. The restaurant’s signature crumbly recipe calls for thick chunks of caramelised apple, baked inside a mouthwatering chewy crust. This delicious dessert looks incredible and tastes even better – especially when it is eaten alongside a thick dollop of whipped cream. Aside from its pièce de résistance , Winkel 43 serves many other tasty dishes, ranging from larger lunchtime meals to classic Dutch bar snacks like deep-fried bitterballen or vegetarian spring rolls. Furthermore, the restaurant stands in the centre of Amsterdam’s picturesque de Jordaan neighbourhood and features a sun-soaked terrace that overlooks the Prinsengracht canal.

Petit Gâteau

A married couple named Mieke and Patrice run this delightful pastry shop in central Amsterdam. The pair both worked at high-end culinary establishments in Paris before moving to Amsterdam and mainly employ classic recipes drawn from French cuisine to create their delicious assortment. For instance, Petit Gâteau is among the few places in Amsterdam that makes authentic eclairs and uses the freshest ingredients to create these delicate masterpieces. The store also bakes plenty of smaller sweet and savoury pastries, including mini quiches, colourful macarons and Moorish madeleines.

During lunchtime, scores of Amsterdammers head to de Laatste Kruimel to purchase take-out meals or relax with cake, quiches and sandwiches inside the cafe’s cosy lounge. De Laatste Kruimel (which means the Last Crumb in Dutch) presents many of its signature dishes on stands near a wide street-side window, thus allowing passersby to marvel at their creations before even entering the cafe. Though there are too many amazing desserts and savoury items available inside the cafe to name, de Laatste Kruimel’s most popular dishes include bread and butter pudding, freshly-baked courgette quiche and lemon curd scones topped with poppy seeds.

Despite its incredibly Dutch-sounding name (which means the Three Little Counts), this charming cafe in central Amsterdam bases its menu around American cooking. Hungry customers at de Drie Graefjes can chow down on many different American-style lunch or breakfast items including club sandwiches, tuna melts and a host of homemade burgers. The restaurant also has a large section on its menu dedicated to classic cakes, pies and cupcakes from the United States, which are baked in-house and prepared with the utmost pride, care and attention.

Anyone who is searching for American-style cakes, pies and cookies should definitely stop by Rum Baba in Amsterdam-Oost. This charming and modern bakery stocks an impressive selection of baked goods, which are based on classic North-American recipes, including many indulgent treats like Mississippi mud pie or red velvet cake and more savoury items such as cornbread or banana bread. Rum Baba also runs a nearby cafe, where it is possible to sample the bakery’s many tasty desserts alongside fresh coffee or tea.

Bakers & Roasters

Aside from serving tasty brunch dishes inspired by Kiwi and Brazilian cuisine, this popular hangout in de Pijp also bakes fresh cakes daily. Although Bakers & Roasters doesn’t advertise its current cake selection online – as they regularly update their assortment with new recipes – dessert lovers can expect to find around six different treats inside the restaurant, ranging from multi-tiered sponges filled with homemade icing to smaller baked goods like chocolate chip cookies or muffins. Bakers & Roasters also serves some of the finest coffee in Amsterdam, which pairs wonderfully with a slice of freshly-baked cake.

Patisserie Holtkamp

This long-standing, family-run bakery has welcomed customers for well over 50 years and was established inside an even older pastry shop that opened way back in 1886. Patisserie Holtkamp bakes and sells an incredible selection of traditional Dutch baked goods inside this historic location and presents its pies, pastries and cakes in delightful glass cabinets. Patisserie Holtkamp tends to stick to traditional methods and bakes many classic treats that originated in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe. While there are dozens of delicious cakes available at the bakery, Patisserie Holtkamp also makes delicious savoury items, including handmade artisanal bitterballen and meat-filled kroket.

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