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Czech Fashion Bloggers you Need to Follow on Instagram

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There’s no better way to keep up with Czech fashion bloggers than to follow them on Instagram. While many of their blogs are only in the Czech language, Instagram allows you to visually see what they’re up to and what’s going on in the world of fashion in Czechia.

Heels in Prague

Adela Stredova is a Czech fashion blogger living in Barcelona. Her blog is written in a mix of English and Czech, so while you might not be able to read all of it, it really doesn’t matter – Adela is studying architecture and her photos are a stunning mix of fashion and design you won’t find anywhere else. She’s also a traveler, and you’ll find that while some of her photos are taken in Prague, she also has lots of other images from all across Europe.

Czech Chicks

Veronika Franková and Hana Drozdová are the two names behind the very successful Czech Chicks blog. Both the blog and the connecting Instagram account are all about fashion, but rather than just including fashion shots, they also provide shopping tips and outfit inspirations. There are also several shots taken when traveling – and the fashion that goes with the destinations they visit.

Beata_Fashion Picanteria

Picanteria is one of those blogs that defies definition. Beáta Kaňoková is a fashion lover, but also an actress, so her blog is an eclectic mix of unique fashion shots that seem like scenes from a movie. The posts that accompany the photos are rarely very descriptive, but instead read more like poetry – perhaps in hopes that you can “feel” the design rather than trying to understand it.

Love Fashion Prague

Named one of the top 5 fashion blogs in the country in both 2015 and 2016, Love Fashion is all about “fashion you can wear.” Think street fashion, jeans, and even slightly off colors and unusual outfits that you probably wouldn’t expect to find on a fashion blogger.

Franche And Fashion

Karolina is obsessed with everything French – from her very French fashion style to her love for fine cuisine, to her French bulldog Oliver. So if you want an Instagram account that is about more than just fashion shots, this is the one for you. Plus, Karolina posts a lot of tips on looking good no matter what you’re wearing.

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